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SJW Landscapes and Groundworks provide a full gravel driveways supply and installation service to customers in Birmingham and surrounding areas.


There is nothing quite like gravel driveways to give your Birmingham property the edge of the neighbour’s, or the satisfying sound of crunch under foot or tyre. Gravel is becoming an increasingly popular choice and with an ever-increasing range of colours, sizes and shapes to choose from, more and more customers are seeing the potential of this versatile material.


What is gravel?


The gravel used for driveways tends to be a processed stone or rock, mixed with sand and clay. The idea being that this processes product will function better as a hard wearing driveway material, rather than just simply scattering broken pieces of rock. This processed gravel, with the sand and clay, binds together slightly, as well as being a permeable top coat on driveways, allowing rain water to filter away, quickly and easily.


But, there is maintenance required with gravel driveways


Unlike other options open to our customers, gravel does need some TLC every now and then. For example;


It will need grading from time to time – this is the process of ‘scraping’ the gravel to even it out. The odd raking will fill holes every now and then but, for a more longer-lasting evenness, gravel driveways will need grading (it also involves a machine, than can be hired along with the operator)


Weeding – not everyone’s favourite job but it is a natural process and with weeds being intrepid plants, they can grow virtually anywhere!


Topping up – like the grading and raking process, there will be occasion (but not too often) when gravel driveways at our customers homes and properties will need topping up with a fresh layer of gravel


How long will it last?


Gravel driveways are known for their durability and longevity, a prime reason is it such a popular option. Laid correctly and cared for correctly, your gravel driveway could last a hundred years or more…


What about cost?


At one time, people were put off gravel driveways as they saw it as a temporary drive but, opinions have changed and the fact it can be laid for relatively little, compared to some other options, has seen its popularity increase.


But surely, I could lay a gravel driveway myself?


It has to be said that as a DIY project, laying a gravel driveway may not be the most taxing; neither does it need the highest level of skill. However, like many structural tasks, the proof is in the underlying layers; ensuring the foundation of the driveway have been treated correctly, including a permeable layer underneath the gravel, laid with the right thickness of stones and rock is essential – otherwise, with a heavy down pour and many cars using the driveway, it will soon dip and slide.

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